What We Offer

We provide a wide range of programs to match your driving requirements. Please give us a call at 604.999.0472.

We service Vancouver, Burnaby, North Richmond and parts of New Westminster. We have a well maintained late model Toyota Corolla that is regularly tested through government inspection program, with dual control steering, brake and gas pedal.

Facilities & Services

We provide Class 5 and 7 training to new drivers, drivers with foreign license,and re-training for BC drivers going for re-testing. We teach safe and defensive driving skills such as:

  • Speed control
  • Steering control
  • Observation skills
  • How to correctly use mirrors
  • Hazard perception, road signs and road markings
  • Proper turns, stops, acceleration and deceleration
  • Parking maneuvers

We understand the needs of new drivers and previously trained drivers coming from countries with entirely different driving rules. We have a proven track record in training new drivers and new immigrants to get their BC Driver's License.

We understand different needs of new driver's coming from countries with entirely different driving rules. We help new immigrants to Get their new British Columbia Driver's Licence by helping them understand BC driving rules and learn how to drive safely with new Canadian Rules.

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